SALLIE FORD AND THE SOUND OUTSIDE (Sellwood Riverfront Park, SE Spokane & Oaks Park) OUTSIDE SOUND—Wear your best '50s dress and trilby hat to the park, and dance 'til dusk to Portland's hottest number Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. Ms. Ford's energetic band has returned from tour, so let's give them a proper welcome home. CP

WE ARE SCIENTISTS, REWARDS (Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with the stylized dance pop of We Are Scientists, but why would these former New Yorkers pen a song entitled "Goal! England!" (in honor/honour of the English national soccer/football, team)? "We've never been huge football guys, but we're pretty big England guys," explains WAS' Chris Cain, an excuse that Clint Dempsey would likely reply to with a swift kick to the nards. WAS is touring in support of full-length number four, Barbara, an album that thankfully doesn't include their ode to the Three Lions, complete with the line "England is the team to beat and Rooney has got the heat." No word on where this "heat" disappeared to during the World Cup. EAC

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