Oh boy! Letter of the day! There are quite a few red flags here (the use of the word "faggot" to describe something other than a collections of sticks, the extreme May/December romance, people still listening to Deadbolt), but we'll let Mercury reader Jocelyn have her say:

Dear Portland Mercury. I have a problem. I am and 18 year old working girl, and I have been living with my boyfriend who is 44 years of age for eight or nine months now. Now, we are both great purveyors of music, and love to go to shows and events that this great city has to offer, but I can't get into any of them. And why is this you might ask? No, not because I am a wanted fugitive or a leper. Because of my age. Some might say that they make all of the good shows 21 and up so that they don't have to "deal with any children," and what would anyone who can't buy a beer know about good music anyways? Well, then I would tell these people, and the venues that are booking these shows that cater to these uppity "I'm all grown up and soooo mature with my mustache, bike, and old flannel shirt" faggots, that because of you and your pretnetious old senile ways, I have had to miss out on Deadbolt, The Red Elvises, Concrete Blonde, the good stuff at The Rose City Roundup, and countless shows at other local venues. Not to mention that I have to miss The Reverend Horton Heat show, that is playin with who? Oh yeah. HILLSTOMP. And what else about that day? It's on my boyfriends birthday. Only what is going to be the greatest show ever with two of my favorite music performers, and not only can I not go see it, but I can't but tickets as a present either. Because not only can I not go to these 21 and up shows, but my boyfriend, who loves me dearly, doesn't want to leave at home while he goes to see some of the great music of our time. Because that would be fucked up.

Anyways Portland Mercury, maybe the next time you are out interviewing the next "supercool band from Portland that is super cool 'cause they play a banjo and even eat at your favorite food cart" you could tell them to talk to their venues. 'Cause theses venues are loosing at least two consumers, not to mention countless others that might be in similar or at least understanding situations. Or at least at the few and far between all ages shows that are worth going to, thay can get rid of that stupid fucking dividing thing. I saw a show at the Wonder Ballroom a few months ago with that shit, and all three of the bands that played hardly even looked at the side where they were allowing allages to be present. So that really sucked. And if they won't listen or change they're ways, maybe you could do a fundraiser to get me an I.D. I'll buy one of those local fancy beers.