p>THE SHAKY HANDS, THE RAINY STATES, STARPARTY (Burgerville, 1122 SE Hawthorne) BURGERTIME—Burgerville takes a break from padding your belly with Walla Walla onion rings and pepper bacon cheeseburgers to serve up an impressive local music show: the Shaky Hands, the Rainy States, and Starparty all do their thing in the Hawthorne Burgerville for free! Just don't yell "food fight!" and pelt the bands with milkshakes. That sort of thing only happens in the movies. EAC

DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN, BUKUE ONE, + MORE (Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) Del for free. That is all you need to know. You should start lining up for this show... NOW!

PURPLE RHINESTONE EAGLE, STLS, FOREVER, DJ PERMANENT WAVE (Backspace, 115 NW 5th) The three ladies of Purple Rhinestone Eagle are embarking on a mammoth tour that takes them the full distance across this country and beyond, for their first series of European dates. It's only fitting that the sludge-stoner riffage of the Rhinestoners is going global; they've released their first full-length record, The Great Return, on Stankhouse Records, and it's a whopper. With righteously heavy riffs, thunderous drums, and banshee wails, Purple Rhinestone Eagle have bridged the not-so-huge divide between Black Sabbath and Sleater-Kinney, all while creating a sound that's wholly their own. The record rocks, to be sure, but it's also primordial in the way that the best psychedelic music can be, transporting the listener to imagined lands deep inside one's headspace. NED LANNAMANN

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SILVERSUN PICKUPS, AGAINST ME!, HENRY CLAY PEOPLE (Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) My first article for this paper (way back in 2001) was about a scruffy group of neckbearded Gainesville punks by the name of Against Me! From that sweltering Meow Meow show to Solid State and beyond, I've loyally followed the band whenever they've passed this way, even if my punk appetite subsided with age—as did my relationship to the brick-tossing protagonist of "Baby, I'm an Anarchist." Following the glistening studio sheen of major label releases New Wave and the recent White Crosses, it seems like Against Me! is in a similar position. While the fire isn't completely extinguished—see White Crosses' stellar title track or Tom Gabel's venomous solo single "Anna Is a Stool Pigeon"—it's clear that Against Me! have moved on. Now the only question that remains is, will their fans move with them? EZRA ACE CARAEFF