PICKATHON: HEARTLESS BASTARDS, FRUIT BATS, ROADSIDE GRAVES, COTTON JONES, & MORE (Pendarvis Farm, 16581 SE Hagen, Happy Valley) Erika Wennerstrom is driving through South Dakota with the windows open. Her band, Heartless Bastards, is making their way west, on the final leg of a series of tours to support their third record, The Mountain, which came out early last year. They'll finish the whole thing off in the barn at Pendarvis Farm. "Pickathon will probably be a lot different than a lot of the festivals we played," she says, over the wind rushing through the open windows. "Honestly, a lot of times when we do a big festival like Lollapalooza or Bonnaroo, we're in press all day, doing interviews or playing sets for radio tapings and things like that. So it's very rare that we actually have much time to watch any of the bands. "But I would imagine it's not gonna be like that at Pickathon, so I look forward to being able to enjoy the music and the setting,"

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LEMNISCATE COUPLESKATE FESTIVAL: WOOLLY MAMMOTH COMES TO DINNER, WHY I MUST BE CAREFUL, & MORE (Worksound, 820 SE Alder) NUPTIALS—Alyssa and Ryan are getting married this weekend, and they're sharing the love with everyone by throwing Lemniscate Coupleskate, a two-day festival of experimental music and performance featuring members of Why I Must Be Careful, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, and many more. MS
Worksound, 820 SE Alder, Sat-Sun 7 pm, $5 suggested donation

SCORPIONS, DOKKEN (Sleep Country Amphitheater, 17200 NE Delfel, Ridgefield, WA) "'Still Loving You' was a very, very big hit in France. We sold over two million singles there alone and it created a baby boom in 1985. Some of the parents even called their kids Sly, because they were [conceived while] making love to 'Still Loving You.'" Sometimes rock stars say the silliest things. The Beatles claimed to be bigger then Jesus, Gene Simmons says he's bedded close to 5,000 women, and according to Rudolf Schenker, guitar player and founder of German hard rock juggernauts Scorpions, one of their infectious ballads created a spike in the French population. As farfetched as this fertile claim may appear, Scorpions' world domination is no mere fantasy. Since the band's inception in 1965, they have released 17 albums, sold over 100 million units worldwide, and played on every continent except Antarctica and Australia—the latter of which the band plans on rocking sometime during their current two-year tour. As for the South Pole? It's a possibility. Schenker wants to ensure the band's legacy has "all the continents included."

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