DESCHUTES BREWERY STREET FARE: SALLIE FORD AND THE SOUND OUTSIDE, AGESANDAGES, LOCH LOMOND, Y LA BAMBA, LANGHORNE SLIM & CHRIS FUNK (NW Davis between 10th and 11th) FAREST OF THEM ALL—The Deschutes Brewery Street Fare—no, not fair—will be packed with food carts (Grilled Cheese Grill, Flavour Spot, and more), bands performing onstage (AgesAndAges, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside), bands performing offstage (Langhorne Slim, Loch Lomond), the greatest substance on earth (beer), and all proceeds benefit charity (Morrison Child and Family Services). EAC
Deschutes Brewery, NW Davis between 10th & 11th, 5-9 pm, $5 (includes food and beer tasters), all ages

HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR, STRENGTH, LINGER AND QUIET (Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE 39th) Some people, when they succeed, lose their way amid a garden of earthly delights. Forgetting to focus on what made them successful in the first place, they slide slowly but inexorably from the spotlight until they find themselves on the set of a VH1 reality show with the contorted rictus of some cruise-ship comedian asking if they're ready to discover true love. Their lives become jokes, their successes are forgotten, and their only hope for redemption sits just out of reach via a medical emergency or a more reputable reality show. These people had success, but chose the trappings of fame. Then there are the people who move home to Colorado. People like Hercules and Love Affair's founder and sole proprietor, Andy Butler, who left New York after his debut album became a critical smash in 2008 and moved into a house owned by his mother.

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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, LYNCH MOB, SISTER SIN (Dante's, 1 SW 3rd) For those unlucky souls who missed Scorpions and Dokken last week, here is your second chance to glimpse some legends of the '80s: George Lynch (of Dokken fame) and Michael Schenker, who graced two Scorps albums plus all the good UFO albums. Lynch's band, Lynch Mob, performs bluesy bar-rock tinged with heavy metal, sounding like a band your dad might start after he leaves mom during his midlife crisis, but thankfully Lynch's exceptional guitar licks help keep these songs afloat (or from driving off in the Camaro he bought with your college fund). Schenker on the other hand doesn't use all kinds of flashy tricks and pizzazz like Joe Satriani or Yngwie Malmsteen to prove he's got chops. He writes solid rock and metal riffs first, then puts his magic guitar skills subtly behind them. Plus Schenker played his first gig with Scorpions when he was just 11 years old. So suck it, Satch. ARIS WALES

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