One thing us disturbed End Hits word slaves enjoy is when a band gets killed in their own music video (just like "November Rain"). While Moth Dust might be a new band—with old members from the likes of local acts Deer or the Doe and Life at These Speeds—that doesn't mean all four members can't meet horrific fates in this video for "Glen Mentic."

Not only does Moth Dust have sliceable throats and a great '90s post-punk sound, the band is also parting with their music in an interesting manner: Their six-song debut EP Jacuzzi will be available on cassette in late September, but if you loathe revisionist trends you can just download four songs from the EP right here.

Moth Dust played their release show this past weekend (you all deserve to die for giving us less than 24 hours notice on that one, guys) at the Langano Lounge. Bummer. Also, please don't confuse them with the Australian band with the same name. Those guys look like this. Scary.