The Doug Fir, the wooded venue that seems to have single-handedly turned East Burnside around, is turning six years old. Instead of asking for a Star Wars bandolier that they will NEVER receive, thus making them hate their parents to the point that they drop out of college and become a music writer... wait, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, Doug Fir is six years old and they are celebrating by giving away some presents. One lucky winner will get a VIP pass for all 2011 shows, plus $600 in booze and chow. Or six tickets to any show, a night at the Jupiter, and $100 in food and drinks for another winner. They are also parting with a half-dozen prize packages of six tickets and $60 in food/drinks, plus ten "gift bags." Maybe those gift bags have a Wookie bandolier in them?

To enter this giveaway, just buy a ticket to any of their anniversary week dates that run from October 5th to the 10th. These includes shows from the Felice Brothers, Gift of Gab, the Land of Ice and Snow Zeppelin compilation release, plus plenty more. Hit up their site for more info.