(Produce Row, 204 SE Oak) The Do-Over parties at the newly beautified Produce Row have been the party hit of the summer season, with lineups of surprise guest DJs and dancing all day and into the night. This is your last chance to get in before summer's (really really) over for good. MS


(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Finnish-French duo the Dø (sounds like "dough") have finally seen the Stateside release of their two-plus-years-old debut A Mouthful, which hit number one in France, joining the esteemed company of rapping baby Jordy. Its high points are pretty damn terrific, with singles "At Last!" and "On My Shoulders" providing just the perfect blend of chirpy and mopey. There's also some oddball stuff—playground chants, ukulele plucking, even some rap (don't worry, it's better than Jordy)—that makes the record a bit of a hodgepodge. Still, the duo has harnessed some really great sounds and I kind of have no idea what to expect from them in the live setting. They're going to need an army to replicate this music in front of an audience. NL


(Memorial Coliseum, 300 Winning Way) Mexican troubadour Joan Sebastian (he's a he, despite the name) might very well be the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Not because his music is any good—it's typical ranchera Latin pop fluff—but because he sings his songs on horseback. That's right, he performs from atop a horse as it trots around the arena. Suck on that, Lady Gaga. NL

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