Start peeling those kiwis, kids. In less than two weeks, on Tuesday October 5, New Zealand's kings of ramshackle pop, The Clean, will be making their way to Holocene, where they'll close out their all-too-brief seven-date U.S. tour. The Clean canceled their 2009 MusicFest date, meaning the last time the influential Dunedin-based band played in America was six years ago, so you should feel lucky Portland was included in their itinerary. (Sorry Seattle, maybe next time?)

Some facts about The Clean: The band today is still made up of the three original members who formed The Clean 32 years ago; brothers David and Hamish Kilgour, and Robert Scott (you might be familiar with his other equally brilliant band, The Bats). Also, they influenced almost every American indie/college rock band of the late 20th century (statistics may vary).You'd be foolish to miss out on such a treat.

DJ Simmons (Scott from Exiled Records) and DJ Frank Sumatra (Hisham from Sublime Frequencies) will play a smattering of great early New Zealand punk/pop gems to kick off this special night.