This morning, I found this blogger named Ed's guide to fixing the music business while browsing No Depression's collection of blogs. It seems disgustingly simple and common sensical, but also mostly unattainable, considering the current dystopian status of the biz. (If you can properly refer to any institution as a "biz," it's probably fucked).

Check it out; it's by no means a flawless plan, but there is some really rudimentary stuff here that, at the very least, gets you thinking about what's fundamentally wrong with the music business and could encourage discourse for problem solving. Or, it just pisses you off and then... oh, look! It's lunch time and you have to decide what you will eat! There is more eminent problem solving to partake in!

This one is definitely important, and actually happens in other countries (see: Canada. That's right, hang your head in shame):

10)Subsidize the arts: Insure that the creative community...from musicians to film makers to fiber artists to whatever...has access to basic necessities at an affordable cost so that they can do what they do. And while we're at it, we need to insure that our schools are getting funding to keep music and art programs alive, and that we encourage craft as career option.