Oh, my god. This may be old news to you people, but I just discovered the Breakfast at Sulimay's series and it is AWESOME.

Basically, three very discerning senior citizens slide into a diner booth (with good lower lumbar support, I hope) in Philadelphia and serve up their critiques of modern hip-hop, indie rock, metal and more.

Here, we are enlightened by Bill, Ann and Joe's opinions on Slayer and Basia Bulat:

Next, you should watch them watch the music video for Shakira's "She Wolf." No, really, do it.

Now, how do I convince my grandma, who is easily as snarky and staunchly opinionated as Ann, and has a cute Mexican accent to boot, to participate in something like this? The internet needs to know the extent to which she thinks Katy Perry is a total slut.