Oh, it's so on. We are parting with a bunch of tickets to see Belle and Sebastian tomorrow night. Four pairs, two different contests.

But first, the details:
Belle and Sebastian will be at the lovely Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on Tuesday, October 19. You can buy tickets right here.

1. The crossword puzzle. Again? Yes, again. The first two completed puzzles (it's after the jump) will win a pair of tickets each. You can email me a scanned puzzle, or just submit the answers. Godspeed, nerd. Update: We have our winners for the puzzle.

2. Create Your Own Fake Belle and Sebastian Song: Sure, "The Girl with the Overdue Library Book" isn't a song, nor is "Contretemps at the Laundrette," but they sure sound like it. Just comment below with your best fake B&S song before 4pm today. The best two faux song names will win a pair of tickets each. Remember, as in everything in life, the twee-er the better.



Downloadable PDF of the crossword puzzle: 17222429.285.pdf