Do yourself a favor: break the weed out of whatever box or drawer you keep it in once you get home from work today—or better yet, take a break from the job you don't even have. But before you toke up, be sure you've got Cotton Jones' latest, Tall Hours in the Glowstream. It's a phenomenal album, swirling with cool, mellow effervescence, serenity, and existential musings—especially suited for these fleeting, pretty, last days of fall.

Slam that fucker in your iPhone, iPod or boombox and jump on your bike. Or just take a walk. Get outside and drink in the musical sunset with no destination in mind.

Glowstream has a terrifically odd sequence to it. The first two tracks, which are below, are more arching faire, usually found towards the end of a record. By placing them out-front, Cotton Jones deliberately change the record's pace.

There's so more to Glowstream we could talk about—Michael Nau's consuming, reedy voice; the fine harmonies with Whitney McGraw; the occasionally odd lyrical turns; the brilliance of simplicity; the mixing of folk with something a little less tangible abstract like the ever-present Omnichord; the interludes; the marvelous, understated backing band; and Nau's evolution since his days as Page France. But all that doesn't really matter on a day like this, where there can't be many more. Just listen, get the record, and get outside—the rest will explain itself.

Cover: Tall Hours in the Glowstream
  • Cover: Tall Hours in the Glowstream

Cotton Jones "Sail of the Silver Morning"

Cotton Jones "Somehow to Keep It Going"