Every wonder what years of Hawthorne Heights' royalties can buy you? Well, know we now: slightly more than two minutes of Gilbert Gottfried's time.

Victory Records, the longtime laughingstock of the record label world—when you consider the ineptness of the music industry, that's really saying a lot—padded Gottfried's pockets for this unnecessary PSA on music piracy. Because as we all know, there is only one man who can stop online music piracy, and that man is the voice of the Aflac duck.

While they now use the "Your Music. Your Label" catchphrase (If that's the case, it's not piracy, right?), I miss their old slogan of "We Run The Streets," which was totally fitting for a label that cashed-in on the two toughest genres known to man: suburban hardcore and mall emo. While you listening to Gottfried earn his paycheck, read this "Fuck Victory Records Playlist" courtesy of the Village Voice.

h/t: Daily Swarm