Nice horse, Gandalf.
  • Nice horse, Gandalf.

You know that "Top 25 Most Played" folder on your iTunes? The one that painfully reminds you that you play more Sunny Day Real Estate than Sun Ra? It's there that Phosphorescent's "Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)" has sat for months now, and I'm not even the biggest Phosphorescent fan (phan?) in this office—the author of this article is.

But Matthew Houck's wonderful Here's To Taking It Easy album has grown on me since its May release, with triumphant highs and lows that take me back to the first time I heard Will Oldham's Joya—a record equally as soulful and restrained. While it's probably not even the best song on the album (that's "It's Hard To Be Humble When You're From Alabama," right?), "Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)" gets me every single time.

And tell me honey have I gone too far
I know I spend most of my life in these bars
Just standing here with this old guitar
But tell me honey have I gone too far

Maybe it's the repentant, post-divorce Springsteen lyrics (think "One Step Up"), or just the defeated way Houck delivers those lines, but I can't get through Here's To Taking It Easy without playing this song multiple times. Clearly I have not had enough.


Phosphorescent - "Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)"

Phosphorescent plays tonight at the Doug Fir with Quiet Life and Celio.