Yesterday the internet went all kinds of crazy when a Malibu Magazine article on Joanna Newsom made a pretty ambiguous mention of the indie-starlet's possible involvement in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. The whole thing turned out to be a baseless rumor—non-evidence cited includes her involvement in the Matt Groening-curated ATP festival earlier this year as well as the Simpsons-esque portrait above, drawn by Groening for the previously mentioned festival. So alas, Newsom will not be yellowed up any time soon—though her and Lisa's voices would match up pretty well in a duet (hopefully not of "Do the Bartman").

It's just as well though, the soft-spoken, fairylike Newsom probably couldn't handle Homer yelling out "Taking Care Of Business" requests demands at her over and over. Want that BTO link en Español? Of course you do.