Into the Woods' Feels Like Home series continues with a visit to casa de Brainstorm, the Portland two-piece who juggle genres like they are... uh... flaming chainsaws... or, um, some other thing that gets juggled but isn't as dangerous. In addition to playing music, Brainstorm have a cello attached to their front door, and they keep bees! And as all smart bears know, bees mean honey.

Therefore, we look forward to tasting delicious Brainstorm-brand honey in the near future.

In the meantime, you can pick up Brainstorm's brand new 7-inch single "Beast in the Sky" at the single's release show tomorrow. That's the title track they're playing above. As the band told us:

We actually recorded five or six songs for the seven-inch, and we just took the best two or three of them. But we do have more material and are talking about actually releasing a series of seven-inches in the future, and that would lead up to another full-length. And I just always wanted to do vinyl, and doing a seven-inch is always cheaper, so two labels around town, High Scores and Records and Lasercave graciously financed the recordings for us... [After] the show on the 4th, we’re hoping to cut back on our live shows a little bit and start writing new material, and see what comes of that. We’re totally open to doing a full-length, or doing a series of smaller recordings. There has been somewhat of a trend with indie bands to release seven-inches and doing things that way. But we’re just gonna end up “feeling it out.” This winter, we’re gonna take advantage of Portland’s doom and gloom, and shack up and get some new material together, and hopefully have something new this coming year.
Brainstorm plays tomorrow at Holocene (1001 SE Morrison), Thursday November 4. Buzz buzz!