As Brainstorm guitarist Patrick Phillips recently told our own Ned Lannamann for his brand new feature on the band, he and drummer Adam Baz's constant swapping of mix CDs and reaching for auxiliary instruments helped create and inform the duo's pan-genre gumbo of sound, all the while making "as many sounds as [they] can as a two-piece." While you don't necessarily have to be a record snob to enjoy Brainstorm's music, it certainly does make for a much richer listen when you can recognize and appreciate for yourself just how many (sometimes obscure) influences these two can blend together in the course of a single song. If you're at all interested in checking out their record release tonight at Holocene, but still think that Sublime Frequencies has something to do with Bradley and Lou Dog, fear not—Baz and Phillips have compiled a short video mixtape of some of their favorite (other)worldly sounds that inspired them during the creation of Beast in the Sky.

Group Inerane - "Ano Nagarus"

"This is an awesome video of Group Inerane, filmed by the guys at Sublime Frequencies while traveling around the Agadez region of Niger. We've picked up a lot of influence from music made in this area. 6/4 and 7/4 time signatures. Noodly, single-note-oriented guitar playing. Group chanting, etc."

Keiji Haino, Makoto Kawabata & Tatsuya Yoshida

"Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins; insane Japanese shredders and free improvisors, who have linked up with John Zorn in recent years. And so punk."

The USA is a Monster "No More Forever"

"The USAisaMonster. New York based art rock band that recently disbanded. Credit where credit is due. This duo was a really big source of inspiration for us."

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Insane Clown Posse - "Miracles"

"Here is the most recent Insane Clown Posse single. Good to keep tabs on these dudes, generally."

Edo State Cultural Dance - "Egabonelimwin"

"Truly dizzying dancers from Edo State (Nigeria). If we ever had dancers in our band it would look something like this?"

Tinariwen - "Aman Iman"

"This is a short documentary about probably my favorite band, Tinariwen. Tuareg rebels from the Sahara in northern Mali, who make incredibly catchy, danceable, politicized music."