In my unhealthy obsession with Christian (yes!) emo (YES!) crabcore (OH GOD, YES!) band Attack! Attack!, I found myself at the website of Portland label Rise Records. In the off chance you don't know your Woe is Me from your Those Who Lie Beneath—and to think you call yourself a music fan—Rise is the epitome of what is left of the shipwrecked hull of the good ship emo. Splintered off into everything from screamo to the aforementioned crabcore, it's safe to say that the genre of emo has seen better days.

Except for Rise, who seem to be absolutely killing it. Just look at that lineup. 35 bands! Not a good haircut in the bunch, but still, 35 bands is an impressive roster for any indie label.

Now look closer. And closer. See what's missing? No women. By my count that's 35 bands and a total of 173 musicians yet not a single woman anywhere to be found. I know (modern) emo has its fair share of issues with the fairer gender, but that is shameful.