[UPDATE: Per the request of director Justin Koleszar we have taken down the video. Apparently it is supposed to be only online in Germany at the moment. So if you'd like to see it, go to the German internet!]

Someone is trying to murder the Builders and the Butchers! Luckily for them, the Portland band is a RACE OF UNDEAD WHO CANNOT BE KILLED. Check out this new video from the band, directed by Justin Koleszar, in which a creepy dude tries to kill all four members of the band. Let's just say it doesn't work, and they get their revenge. And that's how the band first met!

Okay, that's not true, but this video has imbued in me not only a fear of local actor Rob Harris (that's him playing the killer) but a newfound terror of B&B percussionist/guitarist Brandon Hafer. In this video, we see him hotwiring a car, torching a shack, and smoking a cigarette. He's the kind of bad seed your mom warned you about.

More excitingly, "Lullaby" indicates a new record on the horizon for the band. We'll let you know more info as it comes.