Knew a thing or two about good portions.
  • Dished out HUGE portions.

Here at End Hits we've told you about how parts of the community are embracing Portland's vibrant indie music scene. Hip local bands while you're stuck on hold calling Mayor Sam Adams' office and while looking for bean dip at New Seasons (which was a great idea until the Dandy Warhols came on).

Now we can add another Portland pillar to the list: The Trail Blazers.

It's not new or unusual to find a few atrocious local acts in playing recorded crap on the Jumbotron before games. One particular offender, currently doing a insipid cover of the Who's "Teenage Wasteland""Baba O'Riley" during warmups, has been around for years. Just lifeless Guitar Center posturing—rock as a pair of expensive leather pants. I don't know their name and don't want to.

Contrary to the stuff they play at games, the newest string of bands the Blazers are partnering with sounds more like an End Hits radio playlist. Performing at the Blazers' 15th annual Harvest Dinner Tuesday night will be:

- 2 p.m. - Y La Bamba
- 3 p.m. - Portland Cello Project
- 5 p.m. - Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives
- 6:30 p.m. - Typhoon

As much as you might like these bands, I have no idea what the rules are with this. Probably all are welcome, but if you take food and don't need it, well, Z-Bo has a car with some guns in it that don't belong to him. Probably best to just wait for a regular show. But props to them all for playing.