Holy smokes! Ariel Pink is the lo-fi auteur behind one of 2010's best records, Before Today, which is like listening to a K-Tel compilation after huffing airplane glue. It's that great. Tropicália legends Os Mutantes are just the greatest thing ever, one of the true legendary bands of yore that is now finally getting a much-deserved victory lap. I am afraid to see what happens when these two wonderful forces come together.

Well, we are about to find out. Ariel Pink and Os Mutantes will be at Berbati's Pan on Sunday, November 28 and we want to send you and a guest. Just make your case in the comment section below and we'll give a pair of tickets to our favorite post. Contest ends up 5 pm on Tuesday (11/22), so get to it. Good luck.

Commenting not for you? Purchase your tickets here.