Are you a horrible person who just so happens to have $850,000 burning a hole in their pocket? Well buddy, you are in luck. You can now buy a John Lennon autographed copy of Double Fantasy at auction. (Oh yeah, forgot to mention the part where this LP was owned by one Mark David Chapman, who shot and killed Lennon a few hours after getting the record signed on December 8, 1980—nearly 30 years to this day.) The LP was recovered by the Dakota's maintenance man, who turned it over to the police, and now it's available to anyone looking to add to their collection of morbid rock memorabilia.

This line from the auction description makes my soul hurt:

The cover and dust jacket contain forensically enhanced fingerprints of Chapman.

Since it's unlikely that Satan will ever sell of his LP collection in a yard sale, this might be your only chance to make the most evil music purchase ever.

h/t: Prefix