Many causes are worthy of a benefit, but Buckman Elementary scoffs at your silly one night fundraiser—they have Benefest! Organized by the kind folks behind Pickathon, Benefest will raise money for arts education at Buckman Elementary and the Portland Schools Foundation with four unique events.

Event #1: The Corin Tucker Band and Old Light at Mississippi Studios on January 22.

Event #2: Flickathon. Three different screenings from Pickathon 2010, each focusing on a different stage from the festival. These will screen at the Mission Theater on January 28-29.

Event #3: Caleb Klauder Country Band and Truckstop Darlin' at the Spare Room on February 4.

Event #4: Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats), Andy Cabic (Vetiver), and Richard Swift at the Woods on February 12.

I know what you're thinking—sure, these look great, but aren't rock and roll concerts crowded? They sure are, you Agoraphobic wuss. But you don't even have to attend these concerts and films to lend a hand to Buckman, since you can buy a Benefest streaming pass and watch everything live from the comfort of your computer. Check out their site for more details and ticketing information.