(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Over a decade ago I was fortunate enough to witness Six Going on Seven absolutely kill it inside a small Boston club. The trio's tightly wound sound had all the precision of Quicksand, but with the emotive heart of Knapsack—basically a late-'90s emo kid's wet dream. Of course the band never caught on as they should have, but if you come across a bargain-bin copy of their magnum opus, 1999's Heartbreak's Got Backbeat, do not hesitate to purchase it. Recently, frontman Joshua English resurfaced in Portland of all places, and the heavily inked singer has done a stellar job reinventing himself as a roustabout troubadour cut from the same swath of cloth as David Dondero or Frank Turner (whom he has toured alongside). His new full-length Lay Bare Your Bones is overwhelmingly sincere, the sort of recording that makes you want to strip away the responsibilities of everyday life, and hit the vast open rails with a bindle in one hand and a battered guitar case in the other. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

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