It's the year's end, and just in time 2010's final episode of Mercury Music Hour. We know, 2010 has been a dud thus far. But it's not too late to completely turn your year around (at the very last minute!) with the very finest in local music. The Mercury Music Hour can be heard weekly at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at See you next year!


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 25


Playlist after the jump!

1. Akron/Family - "River"
2. Parenthetical Girls - "Evelyn McHale"
3. The Parson Red Heads - "Punctual as Usual"
4. On the Stairs - "How It All Began"
5. Frank Black - "Where Is My Mind?"
6. And And And - "Blast pt 1"
7. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside - "Vocal Chords"
8. Dirty Mittens - "This Here Year"
9. Blind Pilot - "Three Rounds and a Sound"
10. Shelley Short - "Canoo"
11. Big Black Cloud - "Nightmare City"
12. Dangerous Boys Club - "Astral Desire"
13. Red Fang - "Bird on Fire"
14. The Exploding Hearts - "Jailbird"
15. The Wipers - "No Wants an Alien