The first taste of Hold On For Dear Life, Onry's seventh album (as "Onry Ozzborn" of course, that's not counting the Dark Time Sunshine, Grayskul or The Gigantics releases); writing that makes me realize that On might just be the most prolific (in terms of properly released projects) rap artist in the Northwest—correct me if I'm wrong here.

The Oldominion vet weighs in, dark, bothered, and personal, over a typically future-perfect production from Sapient, who also handles the hook duties. HOFDL comes 1/25 on Fake Four Records, the same label that put out both Darktime albums, and recently gave folks No Hoax—Onry's sixth LP—for free online.

Onry Ozzborn - That Good (f. Sapient) by Fake Four, Inc.