When it comes to cover bands, commitment is everything. You might have a dead ringer for Axl Rose, but if your Slash doesn't look—and play—like Slash, then what's the point? On the cutthroat cover band circuit, it's all or nothing. The competition is so fierce you have to kill 'em all (that just so happens to be the name of my Metallica cover band—we're currently looking for a three foot Danish drummer, by the way).

Anyway, such dedicated is why I admire Dallas-based Def Leppard tribute act Pyromania (despite their uncreative name), who is not shy at all when it comes to finding the most authentic drummer possible.


Holy shit. I don't know what is scarier, the fact that they declare "No prosthetics!" or that the new drummer must have a "flame retardant kit & stick."

h/t: Dangerous Minds