Word to Mark the 45 King! Looking @ Tumblin Erb today I saw this commercial for Ice-T's old 900 line:

Man, remember that special period from the late 80s to the early 90s when everygoddamnbody had a damn 900 number? Kids just couldn't wait to spend their parents' hard earned sheckels yakking it up with Freddie Krueger, Captain Lou Albano and Jessica Hahn. Rappers definitely jumped on this new technology tough: a pre-Scientology/creepy-clone-kid Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, a typically stoked MC Hammer(and the 2Bigg MC!), and a jheri-curled O'Shea Jackson(and Too Short!) all got in on it. I recall a funny story that Eminem told LL Cool J on Shade45 a couple of years ago (after he finished pranking him)—about getting kicked out of his mother's house for running up a $27 bill listening to Uncle L's hotline. Back then, I didn't even try to call one of those—I already knew my ass woulda been grass. Any of you guys ever call one of these?