(The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) Recently San Francisco has been receiving plenty of attention for being quite the hotbed of rock (no, not the San Andreas Fault) with bands like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall. Turns out SF is also a haven for music of the darker, crustier variety. Acephalix have been grabbing the attention of Bay Area hair-whippers for years, and not just for their name—a sort of metalli-hybrid of "acephalic" and "acephalous" (meaning "headless" or "without a leader"). The four-piece cooks up the blinding sludge of old-school Swiss metal crew Celtic Frost with the intensity of Cro-Mags in one steaming black cauldron. Mix in songs like "Fluid Communion" and "Rectal Grave" and you have a concoction that stinks so good. MARK LORE


(Rotture, 315 SE 3rd) There have been two notable changes for Experimental Dental School: First off, drummer Shoko Horikawa has left the band, having been replaced by Ben Taylor, and secondly their name has been condensed to XDS (Kids hate vowels these days, right MGMT?). The former is more important than the latter since Horikawa was an integral component of the duo’s jerking art-rock sound, but given the inventive nature of singer/guitarist Jesse Hall—if anyone can MacGyver a song together from a few broken effects pedals, a battered floor tom, and a stick of gum, it’s him. With Hall at the helm, it’s safe to assume XDS’ best days are still yet to come. Catch them tonight along with Olympia lo-fi coed outfit Broken Water, and the spacious sounds of local shoegazers Happy Prescriptions. EAC