And today in vaguely music-related news, Portlandia—you know, that sketch comedy TV show that has yet to officially air, but has already driven your rent up a notch—has a Facebook page. And for the next few weeks, the page will be curated by Claire Evans (roughly one half of local band YACHT), as a collective study on the innerworkings of what keeps Portland... gulp... weird.

In the words of Evans herself:

Consider this an interactive Internet zine of Portlandian information; meet our weirdos and semi-notables, bone up on our history, peer at our meals and into our coffee mugs, ride along with me in the bike lane of the internet superhighway and experience the dream of the '90s as we live it.

Why is this necessary, you ask? Well, what the fuck else should be done? Should we let another TV show slip past our consciousness as a blip of mindless drivel? Would you let that bottle top your newly-transplanted roommate put in the trash just slide on by? Use a brand new plastic container for bulk Tahini at the co-op? Hell no!

There's a fair amount of music-related stuff up there already, including the new Parenthetical Girls video and a link to Into The Woods' site. Though, it should be mentioned that this database is in danger of becoming obsolete once we all learn this important piece of Portland's history.