(Dante's, 1 SW 3rd) One of the benefits of the California penal system is that most prisons are equipped with ancient AB Dick presses, where model prisoners can learn a trade and get a leg-up on employment once released. This means that when you work at an offset print shop in California, a substantial amount of your coworkers are likely to have served time at one point in their lives. Such was the case for myself and a jovial ex-con named Ernest, an unlikely pairing who spent hours working in a San Diego print shop together. While our lives had little in common, Ernest and myself established an amicable middle ground in the music of Blowfly. While I enjoyed the legendary pornographic rapper's back story—a coveted session musician who penned bawdy sexual funk songs on the side—Ernest just preferred to sing along loudly with such numbers as "Girl Let Me Cum in Your Mouth" and "The First Black President" (the latter of which is most definitely not about Obama). Blowfly turns 66 years old next month, and for the sake of all us former AB Dick press operators, let's hope the man doesn't hang up his mask and cape anytime soon. EZRA ACE CARAEFF

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