Another highlight from God Ween Satan is "L.M.L.Y.P," also known as "Let Me Lick Your Pussy." At nearly nine minutes, it's the longest song on the record and a concert favorite among fans (the longest live version I've heard is from a 2003 concert at Stubbs in Austin, clocking in at 47 minutes.) As with R. Stevie Moore, Ween were also influenced by the man in purple himself, Prince. Many people have claimed that "L.M.L.Y.P" is a Prince cover, but the distinction between cover and homage is blurred here. While Ween essentially pulled lyrics of "Shockedelica" and "Alphabet Street," they were written around the gist of the song, where slobbering stoners repeatedly slip "Let Me Lick Your Pussy" refrains and ways in which to do so off their tongues (pun intended). It's Ween's attempt at making a fuck song, with that low down and dirty slap bass funk and unintelligible pillow talk of things they will do to get their face between the legs. This is the sort of song Ween fans take their clothes off for. Then again, you can also blame that on the drugs. People fucked up on drugs love taking their clothes off in public.