It's a smash! It just wouldn't be a Friday without another episode of the Mercury Music Hour ripe for the plucking. So kick off your weekend in style with a full hour of all local music. The Mercury Music Hour airs at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on 910 AM, on HD radio at 94.7 Too, and streaming online at And then it turns up here, on End Hits, in downloadable form, where you can listen to it to your heart's content, whether you're at home doing the dishes, or smashing the dishes. Opa!


The Mercury Music Hour: Episode 29


Playlist after the jump!

1. On the Stairs - "Stand"
2. Orca Team - "And She Knows"
3. Norfolk & Western - "Turkish Wine"
4. Crosstide - "I Feel Like a Polar Bear"
5. Lovers - "To Be a Dancer (I Am Alive)"
6. Strangled Darlings - "Mousetrap"
7. New Bad Things - "Fiberglass"
8. White Hinterland - "Hung on a Thin Thread"
9. The Taxpayers - "Everybody Just Stood There"
10. Drunken Boat - "Shoot and Miss"
11. Skiploader - "Unlearned"
12. Red Fang - "Hank Is Dead"
13. Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa - "Hot Head"
14. Hurtbird - "I Like My Bike"
15. Cars & Trains - "The Wires from My Broken Record Player"
16. Lifesavas - "A Serpent's Love"