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In response to the feud between Arcade Fire's management and filmmaker Vincent Moon (a quick recap: Moon said uncomplimentary things about Arcade Fire's management, who responded in kind by calling Moon a thief and a drug addict—classy!), Rasmus Stolberg of Danish band Efterklang offered his opinion on Moon. Efterklang, who have local ties to Portland in the form of touring members Peter and Heather Broderick, just finished working with Moon on the documentary entitled An Island, about which you can read more here.

Here's the full statement from Stolberg, from an email he sent to End Hits this morning:

We love Vincent Moon and we love working with him.

I can easily imagine why some people might find him difficult to work with. He has a very strong character and an uncompromising vision of how he wants to make his art and also how he wants to share this art with the world (which is for free). We have done three projects with him now. Temporary Copenhagen, a Take Away Session and now this 50 minute new film An Island. Every project has been incredible and we always come out on the other side with new inspiration and a feeling that we have found something new in our music. He is sweet and intelligent, and we believe he is a genius on the same level as the many brilliant musicians he has portrayed over the years. In regards to the latest controversy with AF's management we know nothing about it and have no opinion, but the only drug we have seen him using is Nutella - he simply loves Nutella :)

An Island screens at Radio Room, 1101 NE Alberta, on Sun Feb 20, 9 pm.
Nutella: the ultimate gateway drug
  • Nutella: the ultimate gateway drug