The Salad Days
  • The Salad Days

If you're planning on hitting up the Slabtown Bender tonight, you better get there early to catch Pure Country Gold. The thunderous, stomping two-piece garage band announced yesterday via Twitter that they're amicably splitting ways, after playing together for almost six years. Patrick Foss, Pure Country Gold's howlin' wolf/guitarist, offered the following statement about the break:

"We've been playing non-stop since we started and are both burnt out. Perhaps we should have taken a break sometime to prevent this, but at this point I'm anxious to move on creatively and, for the moment at least, I look forward to not being in a band for a while. I'm still writing songs and starting to record at home and we'll see where that takes me. I can't speak for Jake, but he's a motherfucker on the drums and I'm sure people will be knocking down his door for the chance to play with him."

Foss says tonight's Bender show is the last show Pure Country Gold is booked to play, but there may be one final farewell show, though no specifics have been laid out. "I was reluctant to book a farewell show, because I hate to come across like we're trying to capitalize on that and because who knows if our minds will change. But, it has hit me that for the Bender we're playing a half-hour set at 7:30pm. I'm not sure I want to go out like that."

Tonight's Slabtown Bender line-up includes Paul Collins Beat, Head, Apache, Mean Jeans, and The Blind Shake and it all kicks off at 6pm. Better start drinking now. It's easier to cry when you're drunk.