Seattle's BOAT have always maintained a uniquely slanted and carefree attitude towards music. Often described as sloppy rock, the band is actually far more crafty than they're given credit for. In reality, the group plays it like Built to Spill's kid brother, maybe a little reckless, hyperactive, and overly obsessed with dinosaurs—yet endlessly imaginative and fun. Vocalist D. Crane toes the line between humorous and heartfelt, and his wry delivery fronts the band's exuberant output perfectly. The group's upcoming LP, Dress Like Your Idols (Magic Marker Records), emulates and satirizes some of BOAT's biggest influences while pouring out an addictive and celebratory rambling.

Always eager to personalize the experience, BOAT are also known for their crafty packaging, once even adding sticks of gum and hand drawn baseball cards for their Topps 7-inch EP. This time around, the first 100 orders of Dress Like Your Idols will be shipped with a special edition cassette, Hiss Like Your Idols, completely hand-colored and featuring a collection of demos and covers not found on the LP. Before you start dusting off those Walkmen, here's a promo video of sorts for the group's blissfully fuzzed out take on T. Rex's "Children of the Revolution." Dress Like Your Idols drops March 22nd.