Dave Depper is in a lot of bands. In fact, if you have a band in Portland, he's probably standing behind you right now holding a bass guitar. Depper has played alongside Loch Lomond, Norfolk & Western, Musee Mecanique, Blue Giant, Jolie Holland, Mirah, and I'm pretty sure he's also the scary clown in Slipknot as well (I need to factcheck this last one). Somehow, despite a full dance card, Depper managed to step away from the stage long enough to take on Paul McCartney's finest solo recording (in my opinion), Ram.

"I was in a rut," Depper explains. "I'd played on and helped produce dozens of different records, but I'd had yet to follow through with completing anything of my own. I knew that I needed to do something - anything - to prove to myself that I was capable of finishing something that I'd started." Lacking an album's worth of his own songs, he decided to take on the craziest project he could think of: re-recording Ram, part by part, at home, all by himself, in 30 days.

In the span of that single month, Depper pieced together the entirety of Ram—no easy feat, it's not like he covered GBV's Same Place the Fly Got Smashed—with Linda McCartney assistance courtesy of Joan Hiller. The songs came together on his blog, but Jackpot Records and European imprint City Slang approached Depper about bringing the project to a larger audience. That's exactly what will happen on May 3, when The Ram Project hits record store shelves the world over. Until then, have a listen...


Dave Depper: The Ram Project - "Dear Boy"