Anyone who has spent an extended period of time driving across the country in a tour van understands its importance to one's humanity whilst on the road. The van acts as a closet, dressing room, bedroom, play pen, even a kitchen designed for making ONLY peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches! it takes on all of the grounding guises of home, while also magically propelling you to a multitude of glorious places our country has to offer (The Grand Canyon! The Grand Tetons! The Grandest of Truck Stop Gift Shops!)

And no matter how many false alarms experienced in remote locations, or how many times it sputters to a start, there is nothing that can truly prepare a band for that moment when it finally goes...

So friends, send your condolences to Jared Mees and the Grown Children, for they lost their beloved Bus Van Sant on this last tour back from SXSW, just 80 miles outside of Boise. Cause of death: engine failure. Luckily, friends Finn Riggins and World's Greatest Ghost were close behind and scooped up the stranded and forlorn, shortly after they packed all of their gear into the back of a unspeakably sterile... U-Haul. Oh, the horror!

Here is a short video commemorating the converted shuttle bus; may its yellow paint forever coat the walls of our hearts and minds.

You can read more about this on the band's blog.

(via Smoke Signals PDX)