Portland power pop outfit Blue Skies For Black Hearts is going to have a busy weekend. Returning from the road, they are today releasing their new record, Embracing The Modern Age, and prepping for the release of their 30 minute short film this Saturday, April 23, at the Mission Theater.

Embracing the Modern Age is a lively and dynamic new record displaying the band's straight ahead rock sound in spades. And the group is pulling out all the stops with the upcoming release show, which promises to be a blend of concert, cabaret, and live theater featuring performances by members of The Rock and Roll Circus, Atomic Arts, and the Curious Comedy Club.

Topping off the evening will be the premiere of the band's new sci-fi blast, also titled Embracing The Modern Age. Written by bassist Kelly Simmons and directed by Jon Griffith, the film follows the band doing no less than saving the world against evil robots and swamp monsters. Watch the trailer here and see for yourself.

Oh yea! Last but not least, Blue Skies For Black Hearts want you to hear their B-Side track "Left Behind", an acoustic number that stands as one of the band's most tender moments to date.

Blue Skies For Black Hearts - "Left Behind"