It appears that Jesse Lortz (also known as The Duke of Seattle's sorely-missed The Dutchess and The Duke), has surfaced with a new solo endeavor that is pretty fantastic. Case Studies formed as a revolving door music project, wherein Lortz invited friends—or really anyone, seeing as the address is listed on the profile picture on the CS Facebook page—over to his apartment every Wednesday to hang and help flesh out his Leonard Cohen-esque songs with sparse instrumentation and resounding voices. From these sessions stemmed somewhat of a bonafide band, and Case Studies will release their first album (recorded with Greg Ashley in a cabin in Washington) on Sacred Bones (home to Zola Jesus, The Fresh and Onlys, and more).

Videographer Andrew Waits captured a few of those Wednesdays on tape. Here's a video for the lovely "Villain," complete with lulled-to-sleep baby.

Case Studies will play Mississippi Studios on May 10th with Crystal Stilts and Archers.