When it comes to White Hinterland and mushrooms, you probably think of a plate of delicious morels that singer Casey Dienel writes about in her food blog. Well, you are wrong. Turns out that the man behind White Hinterland's beats and more, Shawn Creeden, has penned a book all about the other kind of mushrooms.

No, not Chanterelles.

This Is The Same Hillside chronicles Creeden's mystical journeys while under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms. The book is currently available from Publication Studio, and when you are done reading it, you can trade it for some mushrooms in the parking lot of a Phish concert. It's a win-win.

Also, doesn't "White Hinterland" sort of sound like drug slang for coke? No? Okay. In actual White Hinterland news, the band just announced a West Coast tour with the sensual sounds of Gayngs (without Bon Iver). They'll be at the Doug Fir on May 28.