(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Hexlove's Zac Nelson offers Wicked Work it Out to the world, a warped collection of experimental pop. Pretty much all on his own, Nelson has constructed an album's worth of thick stews, made primarily of percussion and synths, moving at swift and steady boils, with Nelson's voice adding fine detail and lyrical puzzles. The record sounds both all-knowingly shamanistic and terrifyingly paranoid, and if inhabiting both of those arenas is a contradiction, then so is Wicked Work it Out. Nelson celebrates the release of the impressive record tonight, and will be giving away CD copies at the door. NED LANNAMANN


(Peter's Room at the Roseland, 8 NW 6th) Okay, all you metal purists and snobs, its time to get over yourselves and seize the amazing opportunity being presented to you. Uncross your arms, stop shaking your heads, unwrinkle your noses, and go see the legendary Accept. No, Udo Dirkschneider will not be singing, and yes, everyone else is old, and they will probably play a few songs off of their new record Blood of the Nations, but so what? You know you'll hear all the tracks you've worn out on your original pressings of their classic albums, and Mark Tornillo of TT Quick wouldn't be fronting the band if he couldn't match Udo, if not top him. So if you want to stay home, smoke a doobie, and listen to Restless and Wild for the thousandth time, go right ahead. I'm gonna be at Peter's Room with my fist in the air, and my balls firmly pressed to the wall. ARIS WALES


(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) Let's talk about how awesome Laura Stevenson is. First, there's her voice. It's a wonderful mix of confidence and precociousness—she can quietly sing soft lullabies, but she can also carry the climactic moments of more passionate anthems (listen to "Master of Art" on her new album, Sit Resist, for evidence). Also: she has played keyboards for the wonderfully scrappy NY ska/punk band Bomb the Music Industry! (shut up the punx!), and one of the dudes from the world's greatest posi-punk band, Latterman, is in her backup band the Cans. To top it off, her famous grandfather popularized "Little Drummer Boy." Oh, and she's gorgeous. Everyone in the world should have a megacrush on this woman. MEGAN SELING

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