It's not secret we're giddy about former Gowns singer EMA, who recently relocated to Portland and is about to release her excellent Past Life Martyred Saints debut LP. Well, our giddiness just went through the roof when we discovered that in addition to her forthcoming full-length, there is a limited-edition EMA 7-inch (only 400 copies were pressed) that features a cover of Danzig's "Soul on Fire." Check out that cover photo, where a young EMA meets a creepy man in a mesh pentagram shirt.

Really, Danzig? Pentagram and mesh? Were you going for something that is both evil and exposes your nipples? Um, anyway, listen to the song here and check out EMA when she opens for Menomena this coming Monday at the Doug Fir.

EMA "Soul On Fire" by HellYes

h/t: P4K