Yep, that log is wearing a sweater.
  • Yep, that log is wearing a sweater.

And so it seems, the outdoor music festival season is finally upon us. This one—one of the first, locally—takes residence in Portland's curious northernmost 'hood, and this year's aptly-named St. Johns Bizarre—why yes, it is!—is hosting a bill of solid local acts... for free!

Here's the line-up, set for next Saturday, May 14th:

11am: Sean Flinn and the Royal We
2pm: Casey Neill and the Norway Rats
3pm: Jared Mees and the Grown Children
4pm: Archers
5pm: And And And

In addition to the music, the bazaar Bizarre hosts over 75 craft vendors, a Bier Garten and street food galore. Plus, it coincides with the St. Johns Parade (YOU LOVE PARADES!) that begins at 12pm and follows this loop around the neighborhood. And—not that it would be very hard to detect any hint of commotion in St. Johns' otherwise sleepy business cluster, but so you know—it's all happening near N. Lombard and Philadelphia. Hooray for life out of doors!