Heaven is not a truck. Heaven is a stack of pancakes.
  • Heaven is not a truck. Heaven is a stack of pancakes.

As a professional music critic who confidently sits atop a pile of first edition Sun Ra LPs—it's called brooding, and it makes the records more valuable, duh—I can say with great authority that last year's Pavement reunion tour was lacking one key element: pancakes. Yeah sure, Malkmus is God and all, but the man is nothing unless you are listening to his music with a mouthful of delicious batter and drizzled syrup.

Thankfully the Rock & Roll Pancake Breakfast Benefit for Dara Greenwald is here to remedy that. On Sunday, May 22nd at Disjecta (8371 N Interstate Ave) this fundraising event for Greenwald (a NYC artist/activist, who has previously had exhibits at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and who is currently undergoing treatment following a cancer diagnoses) will feature sets from Malkmus and Rebecca Gates (formerly of the Spinanes). Oh, and delicious pancakes for a buck.

The show starts at 11am and admission is a sliding scale of $8-100 (bummer, since I was only going to give $7 or $101—NO EXCEPTIONS!). Come hungry.