Mr. Blue Sky: The Next Generation
  • Mr. Blue Sky: The Next Generation

Hey you, sitting at your desk, watching the hands of the clock run down to five o'clock. Yeah, you! Look outside! It's amazing! Don't worry, I'm stuck inside too. But I'm ready to start feeling those rays after hearing white soul brother Mayer Hawthorne cover my favorite ELO song, "Mr. Blue Sky" which is included on his online-only covers EP Impressions that comes out tomorrow. Though he uses a keyboard for the vocoder part and his drummer throws in some flashy, fluid little fills throughout, Hawthorne's version stays pretty true to the snappy brightness of the original.

If you got a couple minutes to spare before leaving work, I highly recommend you give this baby a listen.


Mayer Hawthorne — “Mr Blue Sky” (ELO Cover)