Roving troubadour, man about town, and columnist for the Willamette Week, Nick Jaina is a busy fellow. Now he's going to get a little busier as he is set to release a brand new long-player, The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone.

Oh damn, the beanstalks are gone? Looks like we're taking the bus home.

But Beanstalks isn't just your run-of-the-mill Jaina album (or a conceptual album about the perils of swapping livestock for legumes), instead it features a bevy of female guest vocalists (Luzelena Mendoza from Y La Bamba, Laura Gibson, Amanda Spring from Point Juncture WA, and plenty more) that handle the singing duties. While Jaina penned the songs, the ladies do the singing.


Nick Jaina - "You Were So Good To Me" (featuring Jolie Holland)

The album is available digitally right here and we'll keep you updated on any information a local release show from Jaina and company. Also, if you want to hear an alternate version of that song, where Jaina sings, check out this live session from last year.

Track listing after the jump...

Track Listing:
1. When the Blind Man Rings That Bell, featuring Kaylee Cole
2. You Were So Good To Me, featuring Jolie Holland
3. Once But Never Again, featuring Luzelena Mendoza from Y La Bamba
4. Whiskey Riddle, featuring Annalisa Tornfelt from Black Prairie
5. James, featuring Johanna Kunin
6. The President of the Chess Club, featuring Amanda Spring from Point Juncture WA
7. Ortolan, featuring Myshkin
8. Missing Awhile, featuring Corrina Repp from Tu Fawning
9. Awake When I'm Sleeping, featuring Audie Darling
10. No One Gives Their Heart Away, featuring Laura Gibson