Praise the Dark Lord Below, Slayer is coming to Portland. The band most likely to be gently etched in one's arm will be touring with Rob Zombie and these titans of metal will take the stage at the Rose Garden on August 5th. It's guaranteed to be the single scariest event in that building since this happened. And in honor of the band's return, we are giving away a pair of tickets to this show.

You won't have to sell your soul to the devil at the Crossroads (and then end up in a wicked guitar duel against Steve Vai) in order to get into this show. We just want to hear about the evilest thing you have ever done. Broke someone's heart? Voted Republican? Tossed a litter of kittens into a wood chipper? Share your evilest moment with us in our comment section and the best post by Monday (May 16) at 9am will win two tickets to Slayer/Rob Zombie. Good luck.

If you don't want to comment, or have never done an evil thing in your life, buy your tickets here.