As you are probably already well aware, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon has emerged from his sadness cabin in the woods, or from Kanye West's gold-plated hovercraft, and is set to release the self-titled follow-up LP to For Emma, Forever Ago. While it's not out until June 21, Bon Iver leaked this week, and there's something noteworthy about the album's third track, "Holocene."

Bon Iver made his Portland debut at Holocene in March of 2008, opening for Phosphorescent (although the majority of the crowd shuffled out when Matthew Houck and company took the stage). While this song doesn't particularly seem to be about the local venue—it might as well be about the geological epoch for all we know—it is interesting to see that name appear on one of 2011's most anticipated releases.

If Vernon really was going to write a song about that SE Portland neighbor he would have titled this track "Sassy's."